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2 years ago

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Part one truck shit n Im a sexually frustrated 30 something really boring, I was in the bed next to my snoring, husband sexual pathetic useless. Strumming away at my clit, when the phone rings, it is my friend Liz, I say to my situation, she laughs, "We need to fuck truck " that will tell me it's a truck in a layby where children carry their wives to a good fucking park. Puzzled, I asked ' will you come with me now ? "," Give me 20 minutes to pick me up "I threw the dress first I thought a sexy figure - hugging black mini dress, matching jacket short, the assault heels strips vulvatube down the hair, dragged her outside. The glow of my light while driving your street, waved through the window, I checked my makeup, as expected, it was secret because the end to end of my car, where your heels Clacky. She sat down to open his long coat and said, ' this is okay you think? " She was in a black bra and stockings sexy lingerie under her coat, 'wow you look good," he said. wewas that she gave me instructions and in half an hour in a dark secluded layby stopped next to a truck, back to the door, some cars were already behind, so we parked up parked in front, as we walked both the rear also could hear the muffled sounds of sex on vulvatube the inside, looking in the trailer in low light, to see a group of half naked men standing around a woman lying on a pile of boxes with a vulvatube piece of carpet thrown over them, against both ends fucked by two guys well built, some of the others were shaking their dicks in her breasts and Gropper, was by the sounds that made him really enjoy. A man stood at the door gave me her hand and pulled both Liz looked at me, smiled, gave me his long coat, vulvatube boys whistled and cheered when they arrived, vulvatube they fell on their knees and started sucking some guy, some to its sucks around and exchanged them grouped together. My own was played early sexualflow and at the time that this woman wanted to be fucked by the guys, but I was so nervous, I felt a pair of hands to go around the waist from behind, I froze for a moment my hand was passed ass then my lap and quickly found my slit soaking and put two fingers in me, the other hand ran through my body and my squeazed eye, I thought, what the hell go for it, I leaned against the side of the trailer and drove ass with it, pulled the dress over my vulvatube ass and spread my legs a bit, I unzip it and pull his cock pressed against my slit and with a firm push to hit the entire length deep inside me, damn about me, I loved him so much, but I knew it would not last long, increased its pace and with a deep hard push last felt the cum in me. I looked at Liz, vulvatube she was about to kiss the woman vulvatube standing gets fucked vulvatube while on his knees. The other man was at the door, grabbed my hand, vulvatube I turned around, he pushed my head down, I was sitting inBefore you open your zip code and are sucked from the back of my head was when he took my mouth, I could run the semen of my vagina, I feel like sucking big cock, pulled the dress down to her shoulders suspend my tits, pulled his cock wildly and exploded in my face and tits. Liz was "mmmm let me help you clean up," she knows how much I hate the taste of semen, but she loves him, she kissed me allover my face and tits lick me clean. He pulled out his long coat and left. We both enjoyed and were already planning our next visit on the halfway house, or have not cum had done for us but laughed. Back she have a little kiss on the porch, which had become a fingering session, I was asked, but her husband up, "says he heard," he said, he began to kiss again, tore off his clothes as each other, we have only to the living room, but 69ing each other as a matter of minutes you 're crazy about each cumthe other side. We had a great ni
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